Buying a horse over the Internet, across the country, sight-unseen can be a daunting task. I was originally looking for a young horse to start on my own that had nice conformation, a gentle disposition, good bloodlines and something with potential. When I found "Spoon" on, he was more than I was looking for with more training than I was expecting. But with the videos Jodi made for me and the time we spent chatting, I knew he'd been started right and I had faith in them both. Spoon came to me with a great riding foundation. He had been broke out and started on barrels very nicely. He was a pleasure to ride and to be around, having great ground manners, and only needed to be finished and hauled. Even though that I had been looking for a horse I could train myself... I really lucked out with having him started as nicely as he was. Jodi did a great job and I wouldn't change a thing!





Donette J Griffith

Whitney Point, NY



Training & Sales


I have had Jodi Price with Rivers Edge Farm ride three horses for me.

The first mare had been a trail horse and I had her started on the barrels. The mare had no bend/flex and was very dull. After Jodi worked with my mare for 14 days she had an excellent stop and back, was side passing, and loping a nice barrel pattern. I was amazed how light and responsive she was after just 14 days both in the saddle and on the ground!

After having such a good experience with my first mare I decided to have her take my four year old mare, that had also been a trail horse, and teach her the basics. I again was very impressed with my mare when she returned home. She was bending/flexing, had an excellent stop and back, was side passing, and was very light and responsive. I ending up sending this mare back the following year for barrel training. After 30 days she was loping a very nice barrel pattern.

Currently, my three year old gelding is being started under saddle and I am sure he will come back home riding just as nice as my mares.

Overall I have been very impressed with the way Jodi handles the horses, especially the young ones, and the way she adapts her training approach to achieve a positive result with each horse she works with. I was also very pleased with the care my horses received while at Rivers Edge Farm, they all returned home in excellent condition. Jodi gave me frequent updates on their progress and was very honest about each horses ability and potential.

I would highly recommend Jodi Price as a trainer; she is very honest, does a great job and is easy to work with.

Tia Morgan